Using Adminer with Lando

Adminer is a web frontend to databases, similar to PHPMyAdmin.

Accessing Adminer

If an Adminer service is already included in the .lando.yml file for the site then you can access it at the URL: http://adminer.[projectname]; where [projectname] is the Lando site name.

It is necessary to specify the database server name, user name, password and database to login to Adminer. The precise values can be found by running lando info, but the default is database for all of these, so enter:

Server: database
Username: database
Password: database
Database: database

To check if Adminer is included run lando info and check for a section labelled adminer. If it's not listed then you will need to add the service to the .lando.yml file.

Adding the Adminer service

Edit the .lando.yml file and add the following the proxy section, changing projectname to the site's name.


Then add adminer to the services section.

      type: compose
        image: dehy/adminer
        command: /bin/s6-svscan /etc/services.d
      portforward: true

Finally run lando rebuild to add the service.

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