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Behat is framework used to automate testing in PHP applications.

A good intro to Behat is available here:

Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance criteria on a ticket would ideally be written before we start work on the ticket, and use the standard Gherkin format. This format should be understood by the Project Manager and Developers, with the client being guided through it as the tickets are created, and the project evolves.


We want our behat installation to be managed by composer, so in the project's composer.json make sure that behat is listed there under require-dev.

"require-dev": {
        "behat/mink": "~1.7",
        "behat/mink-goutte-driver": "~1.2",
        "behat/behat": "3.3.1",
        "behat/gherkin": "4.4.5",

In our .lando.yml file we should already have the correct settings for Lando to run behat, having this under the tooling: section:

  service: appserver
    - "bin/behat"

In the gitroot directory you should find a behat.example.yml file that you can copy into behat.yml in order to beging running your behat tests.

You should also find a features folder in the same directory, this contains all of our pre-defined behat tests and this is where you can add your own.

Running tests

If everything is order you should be able to just run lando behat in your gitroot directory. If it doesn't run you can begin debugging by first trying to run behat in the appserver container directly, by lando ssh appserver first and then just running behat from there with bin/behat.

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