Auto Updater


The auto updater runs at a set time, and when it does, it will send out emails to the maintainers of the site, containing information on the update, and links which can be used to test and complete the process.

Start the auto-updater Lando server

SSH access



Going to gives me errors

Try using an incognito browser, or flushing your browser cache.

The commit does not appear to contain the updates I expect

This can happen if there was an error during the update (this could be caused by many things). First check the branch to see if the code was committed. The branch name will be in the email next to 'Updates pushed to branch'.

Next you could check the console log for the build by:

If nothing obviouslky fixable appears, the next best solution may be to ignore the auto updater, and manually run the updates on a seperate hotficx branch. It may be worth checking with others first, in case there is a global issue that needs resolving or applying first.

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